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Gypsy Horses, Drum Horses, Gypsy Vanners for Sale

All Drum Horses and Gypsy Horses For Sale, listed are located in PA, unless otherwise indicated. We welcome visitors with an appointment. No walk in or Sunday visitors!

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Frequently Asked Questions / Finances and Purchasing the Gypsy Vanner or Drum Horse

Stages of Growth in Vanners and Drum Horses

What we look for in our stock

Benefits of purchasing from Old Mill Farm, Inc.

We are pleased to offer a few of our best young stock for sale. Please contact us regarding prices as they are subject to change due to training or change in sire or dam status.

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Current Horses for Sale by Breed / By Sire

Gypsy Vanners. ( depending on what registry a breeder or owner has chosen, are also known as Gypsy Cobs, or just plain, Gypsy Horses. And we must stress, there is no such thing as a “Gypsy Drum”, and a Drum Horse is NOT a large Gypsy Horse) The Gypsy Vanner was bred to pull the colorful Gypsy’s Caravans. (hence the term “Vanner”, slang for Caravan) In some areas, a Gypsy’s wealth was determined by the quality of horses they had, and these horses actually took the form of currency! There are several registries for the “Gypsy Horse”. Although our foundation stock are registered with multiple registries, we chose the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society as they are the largest and hold monthly regional/national shows. Visit The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society for more information.

Horse: OMF’s Lasting Impression

Breed: Gypsy Vanner, Registered

Date of Birth: June 16 , 2007

Height: Should Mature around 15-15.1 hands

Gender: Gelding

Color: Blue Blagdon / Max Sabino

Sire: Cobalt (By Bob the Blagdon out of the Blue Blagdon Mare, now deceased)

Dam: Bonny (By Tom)

Training: Leads, ties, loads, stands for farrier and to be clipped.


Credits: Desirable, Max Sabino*. Sire, Cobalt is a multiple Champion Vanner Stallion (out of The Blue Blagdon mare and Bob the Blagdon.) Dam, Bonny (by Tom Tom) produced two top selling offspring and the two time futurity reserve champion Vanner filly.

* Max Sabino, or Max White horses are being intentionally bred in the Uk. the color description that they use is “Colored Alive”. These horses are not only bringing big $, but are much sought after!

See this horse in person: At Old Mill Farm or at any given Gypsy Vanner Society show.

Price: $15,000.00

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*Update* Icon, at The Feathered Horse Classic in Perry, Georgia, October 10-13, 2008, took 1st place in Open Showmanship ( roughly 16 in the class) with his Youth handler and 1st in Youth Halter. A huge Thank You to Tyler LeVan of Hidden Valley Farm who showed Icon and did so well.


15.1 hand Traditional, ride & drive, Gypsy Vanner Gelding. Solid on trail and ring work. Drives single. Has been shown in Open, 4-H and Vanner shows. Nice prospect for a young/novice to advanced rider.

Dobbin, at the Perry Georgia Gypsy Show Oct 10-12, 2008, took Championship Gelding in halter and placed in the top of his performance classes with his Junior riders, Tyler Levan and Taylor LeVan of Hidden Valley Farm. This was Dobbin’s first time being shown Western Pleasure. (Dobbin has also won 2 4-H divisions)


Ride and Drive gelding.

14.1 hands. Has been shown, trailrides and drive both single and double.

Drum Horses. Drum Horses were developed in England to carry drums in the Queen’s processions and parades. They were bred to be colorful, calm and have substance. In America you can breed a Shire or a Clyde to a Gypsy Horse to produce a Drum Horse. (Or of course breed a Drum Horse to a Drum Horse) Old Mill Farm’s Drum Horse lines are Drum Horses brought over from England that were bred to “be” Drum Horses. They of course fit the Drum Horse standard of America’s registries. Vist The American Drum Horse Association for more information.

Drum Horse filly Thistle, (Chew Mill Guinness x Blue Bell) Horse: OMF’s Blue Thistle

Breed: Drum Horse, Registered

Date of Birth: April, 2005

Height: Currently 15.2

Gender: Mare

Color: Grey and White Tobiano

Sire: Chew Mill Guinness

Dam: Blue Bell

Training: Leads, loads and trailers, ties, stand for the farrier, lunges, trained on the hot walker. Started lightly under saddle in Feb 2008.

Credits: Lineage on Dam’s side can be traced to the Queen of England. Sire, Guinness was the first Drum Horse in the country.

See this horse in person: At Old Mill Farm!


Price: $14,000.00

See More of Thistle

Proven Drum Horse Broodmare

Rides and Drive.

16.3 hands. Riding pictures coming soon!

Solid Black Drum Horse Gelding

Under saddle, Sale Pending

16.1 hands, Under Saddle. Pictures and video coming soon!

2008 Chestnut and White Tobiano Drum Horse Colt

Out of Registered Clydesdale Mare Lady, approved with the American Drum Horse Association, by Registered Drum Horse Stallion, Chew Mill Guinness.

Very flashy colt. Offered as a gelding available September 2008.

Price: Sale Pending


Zephinia fan Old Mill (“Zima” for short)

2007 Friesian filly, Out of Aahnya (above) by Teade 392


See more of Zima

See riding video of Zima’s Dam

Vanner / Thoroughbred Crosses. Sport Horses

-If you like the temperament and bone of the Vanner, but want a more economical choice, a Vanner cross may be the next best thing. We do not make it a habit to crossbreed and do not have crosses available on a regular basis.

“Doin’ It In Style”

This colt was not bred by Old Mill Farm. His dam, Vanner mare, Bella, was purchased in foal to the Thoroughbred stallion, “Alaskan Star”. Born 8am, April 22, 2007.

Bella is a Gypsy Vanner out of an imported Vanner mare, Nancy, owned by Finnegan’s Fields of WI.

His dam, a Gypsy Vanner, is a large athletic mare, and makes great use of her knees and hocks and has natural balance in every gait, so we expect that this foal will not only have nice size but be a gifted performance horse as well. Although he will not have the feather that a full blooded Gypsy would have, we expect him to have the temperament and good bone, so he would make an excellent Sport Horse or Dressage prospect!

Style leads, loads, trailers and ties. Very sweet boy!


Please contact if interested.

*Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

OMF Expectant 2008 Foals

If you would like to receive an email when a specific foal is born, please email us to be placed on our foal watch list! Click on photo to see horse’s page and more photos. (Hold your cursor over the horse’s picture on this page for name and info) If the horse is listed for sale, it will be AFTER birth, unless noted below.

by Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Cobalt. Hold 6 championships out of Darby . * May 10, 2008. Darby had a Black and White Tobiano filly. We have decided to keep this gal as she is a granddaughter to Slainte and daughter to Cobalt. If she proves to be breeding worthy, she will be matched with Tonka down the road! She will be added to our mares’ page in the near furture.

All Gypsy Horses, Drum Horses and other Sales Horses are up to date on all vaccinations, and are on a bi-monthly worming and 6-8 week farrier schedule. Gypsy Horses and Drum Horses sold as geldings will be gelded at no charge prior to the horse leaving the farm. Horses over two years of age typically are started, long lining and may be working under saddle. (A majority of the Gypsy Horses and Drum Horses are not working under saddle until three years of age) Most of our older stock have also been shown either in hand or under saddle. Horses are guaranteed to be in good health and injury free at the time of sale.

View our Sold Horses

There is a great selection of horses here in the states. Domestic horses typically have better care, are in better condition and are easier to view. If you look around, you most likely will find the Gypsy Horse or Drum Horse of your dreams in your back yard! We strongly suggest buyers avoid purchasing via pictures alone. It is very easy to manipulate a horse’s conformation in photos simply be taking the photo at various angles.

A note on purchasing horses overseas:

Gypsy Horses in the UK are often bred for trade sales. If you come across an inexpensive import horse that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is best to research your seller and spend a little more money for a quality horse. Beware of low priced package deals and “perfect” horses.

If at all possible, be involved in the import details. Ensure that the horse you paid for is actually going to ship. Always get all deals in writing and have a physical address and contact number for the seller. Know your rights if the deal goes south.

If getting a vet check on a horse, and we strongly suggest a pre-purchase exam, get the vet check in writing, prior to any money exchanging hands. (Of course you would be responsible to pay for the vet check!) Contact the vet in person if possible to speak to him regarding his health examination. If the horse is at riding age, request x-rays be done on all four legs. If you are purchasing breeding stock, get a full breeding soundness exam in writing. Request the horse’s breeding history as well.

Prior to the vet exam, request the vet check the horse’s legs under the feather for rolls of skin, sores or lumps. Also ask him to check the horse’s dental and bite alignment, very often over looked.

Before purchasing a Gypsy Horse or a Drum Horse, Domestic or abroad, be sure it can be registered, if it is not already. Contact a Gypsy Horse (or Drum Horse registry) to make sure the horse will qualify. We have chosen to register with the American Drum Horse Association and The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. Our foundation horses are also registered with the GCDHA.

If color is important to you and you are purchasing a Homozygous horse, be sure to get a copy of the DNA Marker test results, as well as from the sire and dam. Tests are most accurate when markers are available from sire and dam as well as the horse in question. No test is 100% and even homozygous horses will on occasion produce a solid, also known as a slipped Tobiano. Judge the horse by conformation, disposition, suitability for use and then color!

A note on Chronic Progressive Lymphadema (aka, CPL): First thing to mention, there is not a lot known about this condition. Some believe it is an immunodeficiency disease/disorder, some believe it is a major case of scratches that have been improperly cared for or neglected all together. Upon speaking with both Irish and English breeders as well as consulting with our Equine Vet, because these horses have so much hair, and a majority of it is incredibly dense, a good portion of the breed with “a lot” of hair will develop a skin condition eventually. What is not normal? Grape size sores that are open and do not heal, and have a bad odor to them. Most horses with this condition have large skin rolls that have hardened. This may occur because the elasticity the skin normally has, is lost and/or because of scar tissue forming. The skin rolls, however may be present with several other skin conditions. It is our opinion, that if someone is looking at a horse with this condition, it should be avoided, due to the additional care and expense that would go into treating the horse to keep it comfortable and free of breakouts. However, there is NO evidence that this condition is hereditary, genetic or lethal. Of course we suggest that you contact your vet to learn more.

Lineage: Most of the imported horses, openly, come with no known pedigree due to the lack of importance the “gypsy people” place on “naming” their horses and partly do to the lack of education that they receive. However, many of the horses coming over are being sold with known lineage. If a breeder is claiming known lineage on a horse that goes several generations back, be cautious, it could be a sales tactic. Unless you have DNA proof…you don’t know who the sire and dam are.

In some instances, the breeder or seller may be honest, and may even have those horses on his farm, if that is the case, ask for hair samples so that it may be submitted to your chosen USA registry to prove your horse’s lineage. Currently, at least two of the US registries are noted on a horse’s papers if the DNA is on file, if you claim a horse’s lineage. So even if your horse comes with lineage information, if it is not proven via DNA testing, it is not officially recognized by some of the US registries.

What to expect when purchasing a Drum Horse or a Gypsy Cob or Vanner

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