Boromir, Gypsy Horse gelding one week after coming over from England.Boromir

Gypsy Horse

Boromir arrived from England on October 2, 2004! Look for Boromir and Rhonda at Equine Events in 2005 and 2006.

Sire: Farm Lane Darius by Romany Rai (Hair to Spare)

Dam: Kira (Vines Bred Mare)

His great grandsire was the “Old Black Horse of Ireland” thru his Grand-dam Romany Bay.

Gypsy Vanner gelding, Boromir getting his first training lesson. Boromir again in the round pen Boromir

Boromir and Rhonda cooling down Rhonda and Boromir, after his first work out.

Boromir, Nov 2005...what a difference a year makes! Boromir shown here in the field relaxing!

Rhonda and Boromir took the opportunity to show at the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society’s Ohio horse show. Boromir was only one of three geldings there, but did an excellent job for only his second time at a show of this caliper. This too was Rhonda’s first judged show, and she also was flawless!! Unfortunately because everyone was running around getting horses ready for the show…there were three of us and three horses with a very full day of classes, we didn’t get many photos (Rhonda is our designated, “photographer!), so here is a professional photo taken by Brian Richman. (Yes, that’s Rhonda hiding behind Boromir!!) Boromir took 2nd place in the gelding halter class.

Boromir and Rhonda line up for the judge at the Ohio State Gypsy Vanner Horse show, Aug 2005

We had a short spell of fairly warm weather and it wasn’t raining, so Rhonda took the opportunity to snap some shots of Boromir out in the field! Enjoy.

And finally, a picture with Rhonda and Boromir

Boromir is registered with the GVHS.

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