Proven Champions - Our stock  offered are proven champion lines, they are the best of the best . We promise you only 100% healthy horses. And we put that in writing ! Our reputation is preceded by our stock's proven performance ability to reproduce themselves, their top-notch care and our reputation as honest and personable horse people.                  


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All of our stock is sold at this time :) we would like to direct you to a 

trusted breeder,  friend Eliz Campbell in Dodd TX  who also has this bloodline.

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2014 OMF's Cobalts Sweet Ava

The weather and mud make it hard to keep feather. But we promise you Ava has tons of it. She is just burnt in these photo's.

It's easier seen Ava's feather in this photo. burnt yes, but you can see it starts at the knee.

Dirty but she still has lots when she is burnt...


This is Ava and dam Olivia.

Below are pictures of Ava at a younger age.


Ava was born 9-2-2014   Registration # GV03679   DNA # H14-04681

Her lines include The Lob Eared Horse, Bob The Blagdon, The Horseshoe Mare, Henry Conners White Horse, The Irish Blagdon Mare , The Original Old Paddy Horse,The Old White Mare, Westmoreland The Lottery Horse, Tonka, Jack's Lottery Mare, Amos Wiltshire's Old Horse Sam, Jo Witshire's Red And White Mare Matilda. You simply will not find a better line in the states or the U.K

PSSM1 n/n

$15,000. under a yr old. Price will increase with training and showing.


        Olivia by Tonka and Jack's Lottery Mare . Some of the most sought after bloodlines in the United States. Olivia is  exceptional in every little way and her offspring are as well. This foal is already a Champion....


 Cobalt - Multi Supreme Grand Champion Gypsy Vanner Stallion of impeccable conformation and character and it get's better some of the best bloodlines available ! Cobalt has multi championship wins , he is a rare color , rare fine, endless reproduction possibilities.

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Grandsire by way of Dam ( Tonka )


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Quality, Value, and Honesty are the foundation of our program and the substance of our reputation.

Benefits of purchasing from Old Mill Farm, Inc.

Exceptional conformation, remarkable disposition, Intelligence, versatility and tons of feather that's what you can expect from us. Along with the promise that all of our horses are 100% healthy passed by a certified veterinarian.   

  • Experience!  We started researching 2000 - purchasing our first in late 2001.
  • We are involved daily in the routine operations of our farm and breeding. Our horses are fed, their stalls cleaned, trained and every aspect of their care is handled personally by us. We know our individual horses and we know them well.
  • Traditional stock, that have been selectively bred by Old Mill Farm! We purchased only traditional Gypsy Horse stock, from breeders that have been in the horse breeding business for generations, not years! Our Drum Horses were bred out of actual Drum Horse breeding programs, they are the real deal. We also provide the percentage of breeds for all of our Drum Horses, as recorded by the International Drum Horse Assoc. (  IDHA ).
  • Registrations. Our horses are registered prior to the sale, so there are no surprises, no additional expense and everything is in order.
  • Ethical Breeding Practices. All of our foals are bred from healthy, correct stock. Although we have been given lineage on just about all of our horses, either from the breeder/seller or research, we will not promote it or offer it unless we have DNA to back it up.
  • We Breed to maintain or improve quality. Our goal is not to re-invent the Gypsy Horse breed. We breed for temperament, conformation and purpose...color to us, is just a bonus. Although we understand that many people include color as one of their "musts" in purchasing a horse, we do not breed just for color.
  • All horses are up to date on all vaccinations, dental work, de-worming, farrier work, etc... All horses sold come with a negative coggins and health papers for travel. Just one less thing to worry about!
  • On select stock, we may offer financing. We will try our hardest to assist you in purchasing your dream horse!
  • One of a kind Gypsy and Drum Horses! We do not breed in mass, nor do we import in mass...our horses are individually bred. We do not believe in "mass-
  • producing" embryos. Each foal or horse that is sold is unique!
  • Preserved Bloodlines.  Our stallions where stood out to a  limited number of mares. Foals and horses and in general, our bloodlines, bred from Old Mill Farm, are not readily available...and, to date,85% of the people who have bred to our stallions, have chosen to keep their foals for their own breeding program.
  • Honesty is our policy. If we do not feel we have a horse that is right for you or if you are not interested in a particular horse, we will not push you toward it. We may be able to direct you to one of our breeder friends, whom we trust and/or have dealt with before personally.
  • We welcome questions on any of our horses, please contact us.

                                       Drum Horses.


*We will add, there is no such thing as a "Gypsy Drum". A Drum Horse is NOT a large Gypsy Horse, however a cross

of the Gypsy and Shire and / or Clyde breeding. Our Drum Horse breeding stock were imported from England and

or may be domestic crosses.                

Drum Horses were developed in England to carry drums in the Queen's processions and parades.  They were bred to be colorful, calm and have substance. In America you can breed a Shire or a Clyde  to a Gypsy  Horse to produce a Drum Horse. (Or of course breed a Drum Horse to a Drum Horse) Old Mill Farm's Drum  Horse lines are Drum Horses brought over from England that were bred to "be" Drum Horses.

They of course fit the Drum Horse standard of America's registries.

Visit The American Drum Horse Association (now the International Drum Horse Association) for more information.



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Frequently Asked Questions / Finances and Purchasing the Gypsy Vanner or

Drum Horse

Stages of Growth in Vanners and Drum Horses

What we look for in our stock       

What to expect when purchasing a Drum Horse or a Gypsy Cob or Vanner

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