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Cobalt holds 6 Championships. 2 Supreme Championship wins, 2 Championship Stallion wins and 2 Reserve Championships!

Gypsy Vanner Horse, Cobalt.  Oklahoma State Fair Supreme Grand Vanner Champion


Bob The Blagdon x The Blue Blagdon Mare


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Old Mill Farm chose Cobalt for his athletic ability and presence. He continues to be an example of what the Gypsy Vanner is capable of.

Cobalt consistently places well in his performance classes and has placed at the top of all of his halter and the showmanship classes.

Additonal Photos

Vanner Cobalt, Photo by Kelly Searson Vanner Stallion Cobalt.  Photo by Kelly Searson

Cobalt, Vanner Stallion.  4 yr old in photo Vanner Stallion, 4 year old in photo

3 year old Vanner Stallion, Cobalt and  Vonnie. 3 year old Vanner Stallion, Cobalt and rider Vonnie.

3 year old Vanner Stallion, Cobalt and Vonnie. 3 year old Vanner Stallion, Cobalt.

Photo by Brian Reidman

Below Photo by Katie B. Cofer (A big thanks to this budding photographer!)

Photos below taken by Fran Scott. Vist her website (These photos are not be used without her permission)

Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Cobalt

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