Killian’s Irish Red

Killian’s Irish Red

ADHA Registered Drum Horse

$15,000.00 – Sold


Killian participated in the Feathered Horse Classic in Georgia. He took Reserve Champion Drum Horse Stallion. 🙂

Killian participated in his first show at the Annual Gypsy and Drum Horse Classic in Kentucky. He took Third place in the Stallion Class (against mature Stallions). The judge made an announcement over the intercom, as he did in every class, that Killian represented the breed well…but was immature to place against the older boys. He went on to say, in his opinion, Killian, as a 5 or 6 year old, will be the Drum Horse stallion to beat! We are certainly proud of this boy!!!!

Killian was born on April 6, 2004. His Dam is Bell, 16.3 hh Drum Horse and his sire is a 17.2 hh Drum Horse in England, named Seymour. This foal is the only Drum Horse in the US carrying these lines! This “little” guy is most likely going to be grey when mature! He is a well bred foal and will be valuable to the Drum Horse gene pool! You can bet this boy is going to be something special!

Below: Left, Killian just hours old. Right, Killian at three.

Below: Killian February 2007

Killian has started training! He has a floating trot and makes excellant use of his knees and hocks, and very naturally bends. Great suspension and expressive gaits. Would be strong candidate in Dressage. You can see from his photos that he reaches from behind at the trot.

Killian working under saddle, stretching and learning to open his shoulders and extend the walk.

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Photographer Fran Scott took the photos below. She took so many nice ones, that we couldn’t pick, so we diecided to use them all! Visit Fran’s website!! (These photos may not be used without her permission!)

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Riding Videos. Killian shown at two weeks under saddle at the trot.

Riding 1

Riding 2

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