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Slainte's Offspring

*Please note that this is a PARTIAL list. These are the photos that have been graciously provided by the owners of the horse listed or we manage to take them when we can. We appreciate any photos received! If you have a Slainte offspring, please send us the photo and/or a link to your site and we will happily add it!

Gypsy Vanners

2007 Slainte x Kenmare Colt

(Affectionatly called "Football" by the Burn's children!)

Owned and bred by The Burns in MI.

This colt is for sale! Contact us for information.



Charm. Gypsy Vanner filly

Owned and bred by The Widmars in PA.



OMF's Keepsake

(Bred by Old Mill Farm, now owned by the LeVan Family of Ohio)

See more of Keepsake

*Photos by Lonnie Durey of Marysville Ohio

Vanner filly and Keepsake Vanner filly and Vonnie Lepley in the Northa American Bred Class

Vanners Keepsake and sire Slainte



Joaquin - bred by Old Mill Farm.

Foaled 5/05 by Slainte out of Bonny.

This gelding colt has been purchased by the Forfia Family of TX.



"Sainte Slainte"

Gypsy Vanner colt

Foaled 5/05 by Slainte & out Fizz.

Owned by C. Dutton, MD

This colt was sold as a weanling at under a week old! (Shown here at 8 days)



Foaled 5/28/04 by Gypsy Vanners Slainte & Shona.

Bred by, Debbie Reinicke at Finnegan's Fields

Darby was purchased by Old Mill Farm! Look for her at 2006 shows.

See more of Darby here

Below: Darby as a late yearling in 2005.


Aurora Acres Tir Na Nog Vanner Stallion

(Shown as a three year old)



Drum Horses

2006 Drum Horse Filly

Slainte x Callie (Clydesdale)

Drum Horse filly. This filly took first place in the Open Draft Horse halter class at the Canfield, Ohio Fair. She was up against three mature mares!



Drum Horse Lager out of Slainte.Big Sky Lager - Drum Horse

Slainte x BSG Belle

Solid Drum Horse gelding.


See more of Lager




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