Equine Affaire, Ohio – April 2006

This event was a milestone for Cobalt! It was not only his first “big event”, but also his first event under saddle! Of course Slainte and Chew Mill Guinness were also there! Each horse participated in at least 2 demos over the course of four days, with Slainte participating in 5!

Guinness Offspring

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Zeus Meet Guinness’ first foal born in the US, Zeus! This fine Drum Horse colt is out of our Imported mare Shaky. Foaled on May 8, 2003. Zeus participated in Equine Affaire, Ohio 2005, in the Drum Horse breed demo, and was a perfect gentleman. We have decided to keep Zeus for training and possibly

Blue Bell

Blue Bell Imported in the Winter of 2004, This “Blue and White” mare quickly became part of the family! Bell’s lines can be traced to some of the best known Drum Horses used in England! One, A mare named Juniper, personally owned by the Queen of England. She is a valuable addition to the Drum

Breeding Info Cobalt

Stud Fee: $1500.00 Collection Schedule : Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from March 15 to May 30, 2008 We will be able to do on farm inseminations after that, but by individual booking only. Current Number of Offspring: 3 Colts: 3 Fillies: 0 Foal Status: Foals available

Profile Slainte

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Breed: Gypsy Vanner Registration: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Year of Birth: 1994 Import Year: 2002 Height: 15 hands Cannon Bone Diameter: 11.5″ Color: Black and White Tobiano (Heterozygous for the Tobiano gene) Sire: under research Dam: unknown

Riding Lessons

OMF Riding Academy Old Mill Farm (OMF) offers to all interested parties the opportunity to participate in Riding Lessons and activities providing individuals adhere to the following guidelines and rules. OMF reserves the right to refuse a rider or cancel lessons at any given time, due to reasonable cause or failure to comply with OMF’s
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