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We would like to share the other horses on the farm! These horses are not for sale nor used as breeding stock.


Fanny is a Belgian Quarter Horse Cross. Fanny is as all around as you can get. She rides, drives, participates in lessons if we need her, and baby-sits our weanlings!

We have decided to downsize our herd and are offering Fanny to a wonderful home. She is honestly bomb-proof. No vices. She is the type of horse you can let in the field for months and hop on without issue. Very sweet mare. (Not a broodmare prospect)

Contact us for info



Dakoda is a Quarter Horse. He and Daniel competed in Team Penning and games. Now Dakoda is used in intermediate and advance riding lessons. Vonnie rides him for pleasure as well.



Cloud is Wyatt’s Connemara pony. She is probably the best pony we have ever had or known of. She is quite literally bomb-proof, and just like Fanny above, baby-sits the foals.

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