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On Farm Insemination

We happily offer on farm insemination available from any of our stallions. Uterine cultures are required for all open mares, including maiden mares, within 60 days of anticipated breeding. We also require a Negative Coggins (within 1 year) and a minimum of EEE/WEE, flue, tetanus, rhino. Health papers, dated within 30 days, must accompany the mare and noted must be last worming date. We require that the mare be wormed within the last 2 months of arriving at our farm. We also ask that hind shoes are removed and hooves are trimmed prior to arrival or before breeding. We do have a certified farrier on location. Additional costs will exist. Board is set at 10.00 per day, with the first 5 days free. Any vet fees incurred for mare will be at mare owner’s expense.

Why on farm insemination?

Well the advantage is, your mare will be monitored closely and bred only when she has ovulated. Repeated breeding or entrance into the cervix will cause an automatic “cleaning” response by the mare’s reproductive system, which could impede pregnancy, this can explain some mares that are dubbed “hard breeders”.

This method, although also with risks, is much safer than live cover for both stallion and mare.

We suggest the mare stay with us until she is confirmed in foal, 14 days after she was bred.

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