Blue Bell

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Drum Horse

Imported from Ireland in the Winter of 2004, This “Blue and White” mare quickly became part of the family! Bell’s lines can be traced to some of the best known Drum Horses used in England! One, A mare named Juniper, personally owned by the Queen of England.

She is a valuable addition to the Drum Horse gene pool here in America. Standing 16.3 she will be registered as a Drum Horse with The GCDHA.

NEWS – Bell foaled a stunning solid colt. Killian became part of the familiy on April 6, 2004!

Bell will be bred back to Chew Mill Guinness for a 2006 foal!

What is a “Blue” Horse?

Because Bell has a grey coat, and Tobiano skin coloring, it casts a “Blue” appearance. The pictures below were taken up close and in the shade to show her coloring a little better.

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