Other Fun Events

It’s not just horses for us! Everyone here at Old Mill Farm, enjoys participating in community events, which support our local fire departments, 4-H groups and other worthy causes!

2006 Roaring Knob Car Races

Freddie (in the yellow and black car) wrapped up a great first season of Late Model racing!

2005 Fayette County Fair Mud Bogging Race

For those of you not familiar with “Mud Bogging”, it is a race in which you have obstacles to maneuver thru, with the final one being a “pit” about 4 feet deep with very thick mud! They even race 4-wheelers on the same course. Most get stuck, and the driver then has to crawl off the ATV into the pit of mud to get pulled out! Although it doesn’t sound like much, it’s a blast to watch!

2003 Farmington Volunteer Fire Department Annual Fair Dirt Bike Races

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