Cobalt’s Offspring

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Gypsy Vanners

Cobalt’s first offspring hit the ground in 2007! Two are eligible for the 2008 GVHS Gold Cup Futurity.

“KD’s I Measure up”

aka: Gage. Foaled 4/8/07

Bred by, KD Farm

We personally had the opportunity to go see Gage while we were at Equine Affaire. What a neat boy! He was Cobalt up and down, even his antics reminded us of his daddy! A very lucky person will end up with this boy!

* His color is Blue Blagdon. His breeders are exploring the possibility that he may cary a dilute and we will keep this page updated with their findings. We will be doing additional testing on Cobalt as well.

Finneagan’s Fields Markey – Born June 1, 2007

Bred by Debbie Reinicke and Wayne Becker

This colt was bred out of a Gypsy Vanner mare, Bailey.

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