Dobbin isn't just any other gypsy vanner horse by any means of the word. He is in fact very special and hard to come by, out of perfection being that his sire is Sid's Good Stallion and dam Bonny Lass  by ( Tom Tom ) This horse is a families dream come true. Are you a little "less than confident?"  Really want to get out there to show or trail ride? Searching for a fearless, well-trained "been-there, done-that" type of trail horse? Then, Dobbin is the horse for you ! This guy is pushbutton - neither timid, nor aggressive - a safe, dependable ready show partner or trail mount - he'll go anywhere and do anything he is asked - giving 110% percent each and every time. He has hours and hours of show experience along with miles and miles of trail experience. He 'd  be great for someone new to  horses. This beautiful 15.3h  piebald is going on 10 years young this May and handles the shows and trails safely and calmly - even when ridden all alone! He accepts new challenges without stress and is calm and cool in ALL situations! Whether you are a man, woman, or child - novice or  highly experienced rider - he will take care of you. This horse is SAFE, SAFE, SAFE - careful and surefooted - calm and dependable! No worries with  him- he will bring you safely home without incident! He is NOT spooky and he is VERY easy to love - very sweet, quiet and always well mannered - both on the ground and in the saddle. As with all of our horses, he has been desensitized to hikers, ATV's, traffic, aircraft bikes, ropes, tarps & dogs, deer, turkey any wildlife in Pa that comes along the way you name it. Stands still to mount and dismount. Leave him in the pasture for weeks and he will be the same reliable guy next time you ride! It could be a year and I am certain that Dobbin will still be the same reliable  horse .If you are searching for a experienced wonderful show partner or confidence building horse for a timid-type rider, or a gentle and patient teacher for a beginner,  a reliable mount for a child - Dobbin is YOUR horse!! Our horses are known all over the United States as the cream of the crop. Are YOU Ready to RIDE!! Quality, Value, and Honesty are the foundation of our program and the substance of our reputation. Email for more details, photos and/or video clips. Please Note: If you do not get a reply from me within 72 hours, please be sure to give me a call. Email is not as reliable as it once was, due to virus and spam filters, so my email reply to you may not always get through. Please keep my phone number handy 412 582-5967 and call me if you do not get a response to your inquiry. Thank you for your interest in this very nice horse!  I have been offered many times in the last 5 years money up to $35,000. for this special gelding and just plan not been ready to part with him. Being that we breed to sale I think it is time to offer this special horse to the right home.















 BREED: Gypsy Vanner

 DOB: May 2, 2002

 HEIGHT: Gelding

 COLOR: Piebald

 SIRE: Sid's Good Stallion

 DAM: Bonny Lass ( by Tom Tom )

 TRAINING: Showing , Riding and Driving

 CREDITS: Sire, Sid's Good Stallion, dam Bonny Lass ( by  Tom Tom )

 PRICE: $25,000.00





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